Tradition Hotel Kultahovi


Jänsikoski talvi

We siblings Kaisu and Heikki, the owners of Kultahovi Hotel, have been born here in Inari. Our father’s family has immemorable connections to this area. We are Inarisaami and our forefathers and -mothers have lived here for centuries. We love Lake Inari, the pine woods of this area, fjells and smaller streams and rivers and most of all, the river of rivers Juutua, where our hotel is located. When we spend time in nature, we naturally enjoy the beautiful sceneries and impressive natural phenonema, but one of the most important for us is the connection that we have to this land. Therefore, while we are boating on the lake, fishing on the river, or walking in the forests, we think about old times, when people before us lived and how they were much more dependent on the nature around them. Even though many things that we do have already been quite sustainable, we feel that it is important to more comprehensive work in all possible aspects of sustainability. This way we hope to achieve something, that will enable our own children and future generations to enjoy our unique environment.



We aim to improve our purchases by choosing most ecological products possible, we aim to save water and energy and to improve our waste management and recycle as much as possible.

We protect and support local nature and local cultures.

We help and guide our guests to participate in this work and develop and favour sustainable tourism products.

Our investments are sustainable: we try to fix what is broken, and we consider our new purchases from a sustainable perspective. We buy or recycle timeless furniture, we use durable materials and we use local services.

Social and economical sustainability are also important to us.


Herkkutatit ja kuusenkerkät

We monitor our use of water and energy. Our buildings are heated with renewable energy and we have a heat recovery system in place. We have also renovated our old main building to be energy saving.

We offer local environmentally friendly locally sourced food, and we aim to use seasonal vegetables. Our restaurant is famous for using a wide variety of local natural produce, such as local fish, plants, berries and herbs and local reindeer meat. We make purchases directly from local producers and pickers always when possible. We favour organic produce. We follow these principles also with our drinks and in our small gift shop.

We recycle our waste as much as possible and we aim to use products made from recycled materials. We make recycling possible and easy for our guests and our staff.

Ijahis Idja

We train, encourage and guide our staff and our guest to environmentally concious action. Doing small things daily and considering your actions will make a difference. We guide our guests to book activities and to spend time in our nature in ways that respect our nature and culture.

We have been actively participating in Finnish Sami Parliament’s project Culturally Responsible Sámi Tourism. We follow the guidelines set during this project.

We try to include culture content to our products as much as possible. This content is based on our own cultural heritage and we avoid appropriation. We want to do our part in increasing awareness of living Sami culture and its diversity among our guests.

Green Key


We have been awarded the Green Key Eco Label for hotel-restaurants in 2021. This prestigious label is great, because the criteria oblige and encourage us to continuous work towards sustainablity and yearly improvement.