Tradition Hotel Kultahovi

Fish camera and Northern Light camera

Our underwater fish camera follows the life of the Juutua River fish during the summer season. The camera is located outside our hotel in the rapids. The most exciting times start towards the end of the summer when the really big red trout of Lake Inari starts to swim upstream to spawn. These giants are regular guests of the show! When the night starts to get longer we start to operate our Aurora camera. Located on our roof top, this all-sky camera will show us in the comfort of the warm indoors if the sky is clear above us and when the Aurora start to appear. Then it is time to get warmly wrapped up and to go outside to witness this awesome show of nature. Aurora camera is operating from late autumn through the end of the winter season.

You can also follow both the Aurora and the fish camera broadcasts on the screen in our restaurant and through the tv in your own room.