Tradition Hotel Kultahovi

Midnight sun – Ijâttes ijjâ

Different interesting natural phenomena are connected to our ever-changing seasons. Sun shining around the clock can be a confusing experience. Quite often our guests don’t realise that it is time to go to bed! Already from the end of April we don’t have any dark nights at all and after the middle of May the sun shines around the clock to higher ground, for example of the slopes of nearby Tuulispää mountain. The sun goes down again in the end of July. Altogether we have approximately 65 days of midnight sun in the Inari area.

The nightless night has an effect on the locals as well so that we don’t need as much sleep as during the winter months. The daily activities may continue until the late hours of the day. In traditional culture we Sami people really did not follow any schedules. People would sleep when they were tired and in the middle of the night they might go and check the fishing nets and cook fish soup when they got hungry. Reindeer calves are still earmarked in the night time when it is cool. The small calves can cope better with the roundup this way. We can also thank the nightless nights for the fine aromas that we get to our wild herbs and berries. The endless amount of sunlight makes all the flavours stronger.

In Inari the best locations to experience the midnight sun would be the nearby Tuulispää mountain where from you can also get a great view of the vast Lake Inari. Seeing the sun shine behind Juutua rapids is also a great experience, as well as the Oh Juutua trail. Towards the end of the summer, we can often enjoy spectacular sunsets as the sun finally goes behind the horizon.